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Wisconsin Man Has Totally Rational Response ( With an Axe)


Wisco A man was taken into custody in the Dane County Jail after accusing his wife of damaging his action figures, then took an ax to damage the house, according to the Madison Police Chief Mike Koval’s blog. 

Let’s be real. This incident was not about actions figures.  Something else built up to this.  This guy has been walking around the house for weeks muttering to himself. I guarantee every comment his wife made was replied to with “I’ll show you…insert wife’s request here.”  Maybe too many arguments, too many reminders to take out the trash or do the dishes. The husband is probably still coming down from a terrible Packers Season. Maybe too much complaining about needing a new computer or a new tv. So he took it into his own hands.

The husband called 911 on himself after using a log-splitting ax to destroy a TV, TV stand, laptop computer and several items in the house. The man then went outside and smashed the family car, chopped off both side mirrors and then struck the windshield so hard the ax got stuck. He said he drank too much and overreacted after he thought his wife had damaged some of his prized property, which were action figures.

Well I guess at least he called 911 on himself, but the article leaves too much open, did something happen to the action figures? I need to know! Poor reporting.

Worst Christmas Tree Ever? Worst Christmas Tree Ever.

VirginiaMore than 100 praying mantises hatched from an egg case hidden under the branches of the Christmas tree Springfield resident Molly Kreuze bought for the holiday season. The bugs are moving freely through the house, “crawling on the walls, crawling on the ceilings,” Kreuze told the station, adding that they gravitate toward light. Video taken by WJLA showed the insects hanging from the ceiling and crawling on the windows.

Burn it. Just burn it to the ground now before it’s too late. This is plague punishment for something this lady did and that city needs to act now.

A reasonable person would want to just destroy these monsters.

Instead of vacuuming them up, Kreuze has been using an envelope and shoe box to store the mantises.

Oh well that makes sense. It’s easier to destroy them once they’ve all been captured.

Kreuze has been feeding them fruit flies and is “hoping to re-gift them,” she said.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Wait, Oscar The Grouch Isn’t Homeless?

New York Daily News“Sesame Street” announced Wednesday that the beloved children’s show will tackle the topic of homelessness with the very first homeless Muppet.

The pink-felted, 7-year-old Lily was first introduced in 2011 to help viewers understand hunger and food insecurity, but a new series of videos will explore how she learns to cope when her family loses their home and she’s forced to stay with friends on Sesame Street.

How angry is Oscar? This is his gig. I’m almost 38 and to me Oscar has always been the homeless muppet on the corner. He lives in a trash can. There is zero chance he lives there willfully. I can’t imagine the trash Elmo is dropping on him on a daily basis. It’s dirty it’s full of twiddle bugs it’s gross. If that’s not homeless what is? I lived in my car during college I didn’t call it a home. Don’t take this from Oscar.