Monday Motivation

Typically I let these posts stand alone. Today is different. Being a father and husband can be filled with great highs and deep lows. Today was possibly my lowest low. And it’s at these times where I can struggle to find help, meaning and answers. I sit alone in the dark, everyone else asleep. Left to my own thoughts, worries and fears. It’s at these times , after a bad day , that the worst of the worst thoughts will begin to creep in. Self doubt. Self hate. Self harm. It’s times I may resent those around me as they sleep and I struggle. Trying to shoulder too many burdens. It’s now I ask if I’m loving him right. If it’s all worth it. Do I even know how to raise him, love him, care for him. I really don’t know.  I just know he deserves my best.  If any other dads are struggling just know you are not alone

So I Guess We’re All Just Cool With Zombies Now?

Daily Mail – The first attempts to bring people back from the dead are slated to start this year.
Bioquark, a Philadelphia-based company, announced in late 2016 that they believe brain death is not ‘irreversible’.

So right off the bat the fact that they are tucking this away in some Latin America country is a big red flag. Really let’s just save a step here and start eating each other. Accompany trying to this is like John Connor getting a job at Cyberdine Systems and building a robot.  I guess it’s time to just pack up the bunker because as a society I guess we’ve decided to help the whole self destruct process along. I guess the run went on as long as we could have expected.  It’s really like they’ve never seen a single movie that tries this. There’s gonna be zombies or demons or zombie demons everywhere.