Tuesday Toy Box

If there was a single toy/ cartoon that defined my childhood it was He-Man. Obsession would barely scratch the surface of how into it I was. I had the big wheel. Countless toys and of course Castle Grayskull. The ultimate in He-Man over indulgence. My mind is shaken of early 80s christmas’s but I’m fairly sure I complained about not getting it only to open it after. I was a jerk kid. Anyway the remaining pieces still rest in my garage and might be worth pulling out just to see what is left. 

Tuesday Toybox

What if your child is really into things like “interaction, attention, and stories?”  Well in 1986 the world found a cure for that in the form of Teddy Ruxpin and best friend Grubby (get it?). From what I can remember Teddy is the first toy I had that I guess you would call ” interactive”. Really you just put a cassette in his back and he would tell you the story on the cassette. His mouth and eyes all moved. Now I was a jerk spoiled kid and had Grubby too. So I could attach a cable between the two and they would kind of act out the story together. To this day I have a tote of the books and tapes in the basement. It really was a win-win. Parents got to get out of reading time and I got a cool toy that I still have and really loved.  

Teddy is also getting a 2017 reboot. And it might eat your soul

Tuesday Toy Box

Captain Power. Honestly my memory is not great on this toy. I had the spaceship and some sort of power pad captain would stand on. Mostly I remember my dad recording the show on Beta so I could play over and over. I see this commercial now and realize just how hokey but totally awesome it was. The production value reminds me of the Japanese produced side of the original power rangers. And clearly Star Trek ripped off lord dredd when creating the borg. My power pad is long gone and my rocket ship missing all the ejector parts but man this toy was way ahead of itself. 

I Guess This Is My Introduction

Well hey,

If you stumbled across my first post, welcome.

I decided to start this blog because I am about to become a first time father, and have always been a full time nerd. Looking around online I didn’t come across lots of things for father out there that would also consider themselves nerds, and what I did come across came off as most ways to try and sell me things and sponsored posts. My goal here is to just discuss preparing for fatherhood, sharing my nostalgia of growing up an 80’s kid, and my experiences with my son as I expose him to things I liked and I learn what he likes as he grows. I hope you join me, I hope you find it funny and entertaining, and I look forward to hopefully years of fun.