Wait, Oscar The Grouch Isn’t Homeless?

New York Daily News“Sesame Street” announced Wednesday that the beloved children’s show will tackle the topic of homelessness with the very first homeless Muppet.

The pink-felted, 7-year-old Lily was first introduced in 2011 to help viewers understand hunger and food insecurity, but a new series of videos will explore how she learns to cope when her family loses their home and she’s forced to stay with friends on Sesame Street.

How angry is Oscar? This is his gig. I’m almost 38 and to me Oscar has always been the homeless muppet on the corner. He lives in a trash can. There is zero chance he lives there willfully. I can’t imagine the trash Elmo is dropping on him on a daily basis. It’s dirty it’s full of twiddle bugs it’s gross. If that’s not homeless what is? I lived in my car during college I didn’t call it a home. Don’t take this from Oscar.


Steve Carell Returns To SNL To Rip America’s Heart out

I will go on record as saying I don’t think an The Office reboot needs Carell to work. I like the later seasons despite their flaws and uneven story telling. Give me a new group of characters I’d give it a try. More than anything though I just want to see a good new network comedy. A format that is fast disappearing. More than ever it seems comedies now are just half hour dramas. Give us not what we deserve NBC give us what we want.

The Walking Dead Gets The Movie Poster Treatment.

Since it’s debut The Walking Dead has been pretty consistently ( I’m looking at you terrible season two) one of my favorite shows. It pulled me back into graphic novels and just recharged my love of the zombie pop culture takeover. One downside to it being a tv show is you don’t get the iconic advertising of a big screen blockbuster. Thankfully series producer Greg Nicotero has a fond place in his heart for classic film fandom and posters. He commissioned a few great folks to add The Walking Dead to some classic posters. Some of the results are below and great. You can see more here.