Building The Crib

Picking out the crib was much more difficult than I imagined it would be. So many designs, colors, options. After lots of debate we settled on the Delta Children’s Royal Fixed-Side Crib ‘n Changer.  It came with a changing station which pretty much sold me since it could be an all in one unit. It also can be converted into other beds as the child ages. Once we got it home the fun began. They did an excellent job of labeling all the individual pieces of the crib itself. The hardware was also labeled but that was a bit more confusing to read. Also the hardware opened a bit tough sometimes destroying the label for it so be ready to memorize part numbers. The technical drawing in the manual was also difficult at times and more than once I used the wrong piece. Thankfully though Delta seems to understand we lose things and make mistakes. There is a bag of extra hardware that should cover all your needs. My build time was around three hours by myself with a few breaks tossed in. The changing table connects easily to the crib and makes up one side of it. The shelving was a bit difficult to lock in place but once it did it was sturdy and has remained in place. At the same I bought the crib I also picked up a changing pad for the changing station. This ended up being a mistake for two reasons. First it comes with a very thin, but functional pad. Also because the crib and station are one peace the changing station is actually smaller than a station you would buy separately. So the pad we bought , which was on display next to the unit , ended up being way to big for the station. In the end though I’m happy with all the storage it provides. I’m happy with the variable heights you can set the crib mattress atvandvim very happy it can convert to other beds down the road with a few extra purchases.