No Company In The History Of The World Has Made It Harder To Give Them My Money Then Best Buy Did Today


So I was rewarded by the the In-Laws for surviving another year of life with $60 Best Buy gift card (shout out to the in-laws). Since most of our money goes to sustaining another human life and a small dogs life this was a rare chance to treat myself.


So I could either drive too many miles to the nearest Best Buy, purchase Far Cry 5, or I could just simply buy some playstation store cash digitally and boom pre order the game, wake up tomorrow and play.

I make my way over the Best Buy website, search for what I want. The biggest digital download I can find is $20   Fine, no problem, I’ll just enter quantity 3 and be done.

Nope can’t modify the quantity. Alright seems pointless but whatever.

Find the $10 card. It let’s me edit the quantity.

Nope, too many cards. I guess three is just too huge for the website to handle.  It tells me to call to the business line to buy “in bulk.” Congrats to me, I’m the first person to ever need multiple digital cards.

Back to the $20 card.  Fine I won’t edit the quantity. I’ll just add multiple single orders to my cart.  Oh no no no, can’t do that either.

At this point I’m ready to fling my phone into the next county and just call it a loss.

But no, I wan’t Far Cry 5.  I get a new game once a year.

This is now my white whale.

I decide to take the only option that seems available.

3 separate orders. One at a time.


Login in. Done.

Select Item. Done.

Best Buy wants to send you a verification code to continue your purchase.


To Spend a gift card?


Wait for code to come in email. Enter code. Proceed.

Enter personal info. Select option to save info for future orders.

Finally purchase gift card. Get code.

Then repeat process.

Personal info doesn’t save.

Enter again.  Purchase code two.

Third Purchase.

Repeat process.

Personal info doesn’t save.

Enter all the same info.

Click purchase.

Receive email from Best Buy.

Your order has been cancelled. Unable to verify personal information.

The same information I have entered in each of the previous orders.  Order again. Best Buy Cancels order again.  Same explanation. Order a third time. Canceled again.  Try to talk to a contact rep. Wait. Wait. Wait. Disconnected.

Order again.  Cancelled.

This process started on 9 am on 3/26. It is 11:58 pm as of this writing. No response from customer support. No purchase accepted.

No Far Cry 5

This is my white whale.

Call me Ismael.


Man Makes Dumb Claims To Get Out Of Argument

As a kid born in the 80’s I have a fond connection to video games. I spent hours playing games at The Gold Mine, Circus Circus and Skateway.

It was there, on some bland weekend, I stumbled across a game that to me didn’t seem wildly better than anything else I played that day. It was a tiny upright console with a smaller screen than most. It was Violent. It was bloody. It was Mortal Kombat. More than anything I was curious because it was a new fighting game. I had always like Street Fighter but was terrible at. Dropping a few quarters in I though this will be different. I picked the blue ninja. My first fight was against some robo guy.

Less than 3 minutes later it was over. I lost. Moved on. They game did nothing to stick with me. At least until the storm came after. Outrage over blood, fatalities. Violence. How could my generation be entertained by such filth? Why couldn’t my generation be entertained by things my parents grew up with? You know. Like westerns. Those fun family rooms where white guys gunned each down and slaughtered the native people. That was real, family entertainment.

I tried Mortal Kombat a few more times over the years but nothing after 3.

I bring this up because yet again video games are being drawn into a debate they shouldn’t be. Being scapegoated in the wake of another national tragedy. Decades of studies have been done. The facts remain. There is no provable link between video games and real world violence.

As a father I’ve already started debating my sons gaming future. I’m leaning away. Not because of violence, but health and social issues. I want a child that is healthy, wants be outdoors and be with his friends. Will he play games ? They are unavoidable and I’ll want to play with him. It will be monitored and family time, but always a treat not a babysitter.

Please let’s focus on real problems. Not scapegoats.