Tuesday Toybox

What if your child is really into things like “interaction, attention, and stories?”  Well in 1986 the world found a cure for that in the form of Teddy Ruxpin and best friend Grubby (get it?). From what I can remember Teddy is the first toy I had that I guess you would call ” interactive”. Really you just put a cassette in his back and he would tell you the story on the cassette. His mouth and eyes all moved. Now I was a jerk spoiled kid and had Grubby too. So I could attach a cable between the two and they would kind of act out the story together. To this day I have a tote of the books and tapes in the basement. It really was a win-win. Parents got to get out of reading time and I got a cool toy that I still have and really loved.  

Teddy is also getting a 2017 reboot. And it might eat your soul


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