Parenting Of The Past : Baby Cages   The bizzare history of the baby cage is tied back to¬† two simple and maybe slightly misguided ideas. Babies need to be aired out from time to time. I think we just now call this going to the playground. And sleeping outside toughens you up. The concept was introduced by Dr. Luther Emmett … Continue reading Parenting Of The Past : Baby Cages


Monday Motivation

Tuesday Toybox This week I'm going to touch on a toy that sits that holds a special place and to this day still sits in my dads garage. The Kenner Super Powers Batmobile. This is Kenner's first in a very long line of toy Batmobiles. In 1984, Kenner had begun to produce DC characters in their, … Continue reading Tuesday Toybox

Star Wars Envy

As excited as I have been and am about Galaxies Edge it does bring a new perspective on fandom into the mix. Being a fan used to be seeing the movie, maybe buying the toys. All things that seemed to be in reach for the average fan. Now with the opening of Galaxies Edge it … Continue reading Star Wars Envy

KFC IS IGNORING WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT! KFC Indonesia¬†- KFC is finally making all my chicken related dreams come true. (I have lots of them, don't judge.) Finally at long last, you can but just straight up a bag of chicken skin, well you could if you live in Indonesia. Sure some people might want to be "healthy" or "live a … Continue reading KFC IS IGNORING WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANT!

Monday Motivation